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  • Jason Hesley

GREBER Offer A Whirlwind of Hardcore And Grind On “Fabricated Purpose”

Canada’s Greber are the no-holds-barred, to-the-point hardcore grind band that you have been waiting for, and for those uninitiated, they are a ferocious duo that keeps it on the low end, saturated with gritty vocals and a no-bullshit attitude.

Steve Vargas (drums/vocals) (The Great Sabatini, BIIPIIGWAN) and Marc Bourgon (bass, vocals) (ex-F*ck The Facts, Cancelled) have put out several albums, both full lengths and splits with an admirable array of bands. Their newest contribution is “Fright Without”, ten succinct tracks that may surprise longtime fans of the band. They cite, in relation to their evolution, that since 2006 it’s been an involved process and that having just one melodic instrument it’s sometimes as limiting as it is freeing. Right when Bourgon feels like he’s run out of ideas, another one emerges and Greber keeps puttering along. He explains the third single off “Fright Without” - “Fabricated Purpose”:

“Honestly, this is our best attempt at Masakari worship. The beginning hits the mark but invariably comes off the rails towards the end. The end needed something special and we’ve always been huge fans of all that is Kevin Keegan. He was kind enough to lend his golden voice to the track and we couldn’t possibly be more chuffed. When I sent Kurt the song he asked if it was Danko Jones on that part. I told him it wasn’t but was stoked that he knew who Danko was. The outro has some atmospheric drones courtesy of Sean Pearson.”

When asked how they will expect fans to take the new album, with its slightly divergent sound compared to their previous work, they explain that they have no idea, it’s the same but different. They muse that perhaps they are “over the hill and should pack it in, maybe this is the best shit we've ever written, maybe hard trance has always been the best fit for us”. It’s up to listeners to decide now, and those with an interest in Black Sheep Wall, Primitive Man, and Cult Leader should take note.

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