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  • Jason Hesley

Great Cold Emptiness to release "Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph!"

'Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph' is the third full length by atmospheric/post-black metal band Great Cold Emptiness. It is also the final part in 'The Becoming of a Man' trilogy.

This is an album about forgiveness and companionship among friends. An album about understanding the self, and its place in the modern world, as well as the reminder that you are never truly alone. It is an album about the triumph of the heart and overcoming the most difficult stages in a man's life: him finally leaving home. In the words of band leader and songwriter Nathan Guerrette: «The music on this album is a lot less atmospheric, and as a result, I focused much of my time towards the songwriting craft, as well as the flow of the entire unit as a whole. It is the lightest thing I've done. A stark contrast to the sonic heaviness of 'Death Gifted a Bouquet' and the spacey dirges on the debut.»

Flowing Downward will release 'Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph' on CD and digital platforms on February 25th. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE.


1. The Patron Saint of Whalewatching

2. To Die for the Ideal 3. She Sang of Hyperborea 4. With Friends Like These

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