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  • Jason Hesley

Gravethorn release 'Underground Rituals of Those Unseen'

The long awaited debut release from Gravethorn is here! Blackened Death Metal one-man Band from Las Vegas, NV, with guest appearances from various lead guitarists nationwide as indicated. Lyrical themes include Occult, Necromancy, Paganism, Rebellion, Uprising, Magick, Nature, War, Battle, etc.

Gravethorn are a 3-piece American Blackened Death Metal band from Las Vegas, NV, USA. The band formed in 2021 as a solo project of Krystof before evolving into a 3 piece. The band currently consists of Krystof on Vocals, Bob Hill on Drums, and Robert Emerson on guitar, who met on a quest to play extreme music in a multi-dimensional setting for beings both living and dead. Their sound has been compared to Behemoth,, Belphegor, Amon Amarth, Immortal, and others. . Their unique brand of entertainment fuses Drums mistaken for the wrath of angry Gods and Soul scraping guitar work with Ferocious vocals that call upon past ancestral spirits and send their audience on a Spiritual journey beyond their minds comprehension only to return with Berserker-like traits that will make one want to conquer all foes and adversaries.

Now hailed as An emerging force in the realm of Blackened Death Metal, Gravethorn has nearly sold out of its first batch of cds in less than a month and have had an explosive response especially in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Chile.

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