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  • Jason Hesley

Gravehuffer to release "Depart From So Much Evil" on Feb. 17th!

Enter dark comedic realms through GRAVEHUFFER's new album Depart From So Much Evil. The heavy quartet deliver an other-worldly amalgamation of punk, metal, grindcore, and unapologetic down-tuned sludge-laden doom.

Comprised of hellish tracks risen from the depths below - each written by a different member, GRAVEHUFFER entice you in before reaching the epic composition that is "Depart From So Much Evil". The album opens with "Blueprint For An Early Grave", a track about living only to work and ultimately destroying oneself in the process. Ferocious distortion and overdrive produces an unrelenting huge impact.

GRAVEHUFFER hold nothing back by unleashing their explosive sound from the off. "Brainstorm" delves into another side of the quartet's sound with a more melodic focus making use of more mid and higher tones across the instrumentation. It contrasts with the emotive subject matter of battling depression and attempting to find peace with it.

These dynamic tracks lead up to the album's pièce de résistance, "Depart From So Much Evil". This 22 minute song is written about Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Journeying through nightmarish realms, orchestration, wailing guitars, and thundering heaviness manifest a haunting encounter with monsters and demons.

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