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  • Jason Hesley

GRAVA: Danish sludge unit premieres new single "Alight"

Danish sludge metal act GRAVA have announced their new album "Weight of a God", due out November 28th 2022 via Aesthetic Death. Ahead of the album, the band are sharing the new single "Alight". The song is now premiering at No Clean Singing: stream it at THIS LOCATION. Songs seen through the eyes of the dying. GRAVA spew forth a maelstrom of angst-ridden, emotive sludge – which emanates from a hardcore foundation and mentality. Sludge heaviness, hardcore intensity – bleak desperation. Short tracks, that just sound dense, blackened and ugly - which are written and delivered with a real soul – just one that has been emptied of colour and hope. Amidst the blunt brutality there are brief interjections, moments of paradoxical beauty. Soon extinguished. Every song on the album is an attempt to portray a human being's meeting with death. Inspired by historical narratives but also by happenings closer to the band, actively pursuing those moments through their music and lyrics. The resulting music has been expressive, fragmented and painful - you will find no complete narrative in the lyrics or musical structure, only the bits and pieces of the world.... as seen through the eyes of the dying. “Weight of a God” is not an easy experience. It takes time to ingest and come to terms with the album. However, anyone who takes the time to become at one with these tracks will discover an album which urges repeated listening. LP + MC versions to be released through Danish label VinylTroll. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark – GRAVA only formed in 2020 but feature ex-members of Whelm amongst their skilled personnel. Tracklist:

01. Waves 02. Bender 03. Crusher 04. Cauldron 05. Alight 06. Appian Way 07. The Pyre

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