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  • Jason Hesley

Graphic Nature Announce New Single "chokehold"

British metal core band, Graphic Nature, have unveiled their new single and music video for “chokehold” today. Fans can listen to the song and the accompanying music video at this link:

“chokehold is about learning to accept your own mental state,” explains vocalist Harvey Freeman. “Having those conversations with yourself in the mirror trying to convince yourself that you’re fine when in reality you’re locked in your mind with no escape, refusing to accept help and believing that no one else knows how you feel…an act of selfishness and self-loathing.”

The new song is a product of the band’s experience in lockdown. While some used the time to refocus, Freeman found it hard to cope. “I hated being locked in for over a year, it brought out the worst in me but I also learned a hell of a lot about my lyric writing and just being able to be open about what I felt inside my head. It was a case of either writing poetry or writing a whole set of lyrics at 3am, which is the best time to write as your mind really fucking wanders to dark places at that time.”

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