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  • Jason Hesley

GRAND MASSIVE: "Houses Of The Unholy" on May 23rd via MDD Records!

The massive metallers of GRAND MASSIVE are back after their 2020 album "IV"! Last year the band recorded 5 songs to bridge the waiting time for the new album, which is planned for 2025. For the release of these songs, which have a playing time of over 27 minutes and will be released on May 23rd under the title "Houses Of The Unholy", the band has signed with MDD Records! As this is not a "normal" release, the aim from the outset was to get some old companions on board. For example, original drummer Holger Stich was on drums for the recordings and Randy M Salo, also an old companion, was on bass. Above all, none other than the legendary Bay Area guitarist Doug Pearcy (Blind Illusion, ex-Heathen, ex-Anvil Bitch) recorded various solos! A look at the cover artwork is enclosed. More info and a first taster will be available soon!

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