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GRAND CADAVER share their entire new album Deities of Deathlike Sleep ahead of the release!

When the world abruptly shut-down due to the global pandemic in 2020, people started looking for other ways to communicate with each other and engage in various projects during the lock-down.

That's exactly what five long time friends from Gothenburg and Stockholm and with a mutual love for the classical HM-2 Swedish death metal sound did.

Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity and The Halo Effect, Stefan Lagergren from The Grifted, formerly of Treblinka/Tiamat and Expulsion, Alex Stjernfeldt from Novarupta, Child and formerly of Mr. Death, Christian Jansson of Pagandom and Dark Tranquillity and Daniel Liljekvist of Disrupted, Vorder, and formerly of Katatonia, they have all been a part of the Swedish extreme metal scene since their youth and decided to get together to form Grand Cadaver.

Their debut EP ”Madness Comes” was recorded in just 3 days in mid-2020 and was released to critical acclaim by Majestic Mountain Records in February 2021, reaching 9th place on the Swedish Album Charts (Physical Copies).

The band returned to the studio in the spring of 2021 to record their first full-length album "Into The Maw of Death" which was once again met with critical acclaim.

“The triumph of Into The Maw Of Death is in its ability to take a path into OSDM that doesn’t sound like every other revivalist band; there’s a menacing streak to it and an enduring love of death metal of all stripes that shines through” Said Distorted Sound Mag, while Metal Kaoz wrote ”I am impressed with what GRAND CADAVER have achieved here, and I am not only referring to the overall sound, which I have been praising; I am talking about the song-writing, feeding from the old-school Swedish Death Metal that shines through its simplicity and hence its effectiveness.

The Swedes also made their live debut at a sold out show in Gothenburg to present the album and it was clear that Grand Cadaver is all about the rawness of sound and delivery, bringing the intensity and passion for the genre to the stage.

Last year, the band started the recordings of their second album at Welfare Sounds along with Per Stålberg, Kalle Lilja and Daniel 'Dollars' Deurell. Titled "Deities Of Deathlike Sleep" this new album is now set to be released on August 25th via Majestic Mountain Records.

"We never even planned to release a full-length album, and here we are with our second! Says the band "Deities of Deathlike Sleep" was conceived and recorded with the same mindset and the same team as our previous recordings, keeping it quick, spontaneous and enjoyable. This time it turned out a bit more dynamic, with the pummeling fury interspersed with some doom, gloom and darkness. But still, it's simply ten tracks of Swedish Fucking Death Metal, the way we love it"

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