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  • Jason Hesley

GRANADA releases "Like Wars"

With a powerful, contemporary, and aggressive sound from Buenos Aires, Argentina, GRANADA unveils their sixth album "Like Wars", marking a significant stage in the band's artistic evolution. This album, released on 30-06-2023 via Tommy Gun Records and 01Records, manifests an in-depth exploration of their musical identity and showcases their growth as songwriters and performers.

"Like Wars" stands as a testament to GRANADA's total commitment, evolving from their first EP “Tocá Metal, Cagón!” (2010), "Historias" (LP-2012), and leading them through international tours following the release of their experimental album "Apocalyptic Metal" in 2013. This journey has brought them recognition and acclaim in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay.

Fusing elements of Sepultura, Terror, Pantera, Shelter, Madball, Rise of the Northstar, Merauder, Biohazard, Prong, Gojira, Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, and Deftones, GRANADA offers a melodic, alternative touch to the metal genre. Their tracks, a perfect blend of English and Spanish, reflect an era of integration, mirroring the band's diverse influences.

GRANADA's new release is a break from the patterns of their previous albums. The album explores the theme of self-perception in an era of overexposure, promoting a positive message of reconnection with origins and nature. This deeply musical and philosophical journey is accompanied by the story "Tape War$", narrated by Guille “Gurú” Estevez, making the deluxe edition a unique collectible for fans and music lovers.

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