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  • Jason Hesley

Gothic metal band AUTUMNS EYES release new album ‘GRIMOIRE OF OAK & SHADOW’

(Listen on Spotify)

One man Gothic metal band AUTUMNS EYES release new album ‘GRIMOIRE OF OAK & SHADOW,’ an album born from the darker side of creativity, inspiration ranging from TIM BURTON to TYPE O NEGATIVE.   The album started as a quick follow up to the 2017 release ‘ENDING LIFE SLOWLY’ but soon became more of a vessel to carry deep therapy and channel what was happening in the musician’s life at the time, which drew out the production and evolved the release entirely. 

Musician Daniel Mitchell formed the project in 1999, originally beginning the project as a hobby recording music on a four track tape recorder but progressed into a full time career, releasing nearly a dozen albums since then.  

‘GRIMOIRE OF OAK & SHADOW’ is a metal album through and through, complete with searing riffs, dark atmospheric, and tortured vocals.  The album was born out of a years long rough period for Mitchell, including raising his first kid and losing his mother to cancer. Anger, chaos, confusion finds its way to the darkest corners represented by the album’s songs.  However, hope, peace and eventual acceptance can be found within the album's shadows too, showcasing the emotive dynamics of the songwriting. 

Speaking on the upcoming release, Dan stated, "Life sort of chewed me up & spit me out more times than I can remember over the past few years. Instead of pushing through a production from start to finish, I was only able to work on this in bits & pieces. Months turned into years, & eventually the album came together, but not without evolving into something I had not originally intended - Lyrics reworked, solos re-recorded, keyboard arrangements re-arranged. Was it all necessary? Probably not, but it helped me get through some of the most difficult moments I've ever had to endure."

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