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  • Jason Hesley

Gothic Doom metal band Inner Missing released their 10th studio album The Diary!

Israeli-based Gothic Doom Metal band Inner Missing released their 10th studio album 'The Diary' via Finnish Inverse Records on March 7th 2024. 

LISTEN The Diary album on streaming services: 

Sigmund comments: 

"I always valued music above everything because for me it is a perfect means of expression, and, which is more important, exploration of any phenomenon imaginable. Every time I started to write a song I entered a quest with an unpredictable finale which could be (and often was) surprising and even disappointing. There were times to explore the inner cosmos, the realms of subconscious and the events that took place long before I was born – and now came the time to experience and explore the depths of homesickness, solitude and loss. The journey is still far from over, and even while being fired upon I continue to do the only thing I consider meaningful – creating music." 

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