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  • Jason Hesley

Gory Blister to release "Reborn from Hatred"

Gory Blister are a technical old-school death metal band from Italy, and their new album Reborn from Hatred is the catalyst for our poetic nightmares and horrific victories. It was produced by Raff Sangiorgio and Gianluca D'andria, mixed by Ricardo Borges (Sepultura, Kreator, Carcass), and mastered by Peter Brussee (Steve Vai, Yingwie Malmsteen, Michael Bolton). The guitars on this record, while scorching, are patterned with such complexity, that there is a raucous intricacy to what is delivered as delicious and violent. The drum licks come in hurricanes of 4/4 and mixed meter time signatures, with the bass replacing our own pounding hearts. This is personal. Gory Blister are not just playing music, but providing our soundtrack as we walk through the fire. The music screams for us to go hard, all the way, face-first into the den of our demons so we can wear their blood on our faces like war paint.

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