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  • Jason Hesley

GORESPHERE presents COMATOSE MUSIC on February 16th!

A nightmare of impossibilities; a forest of skinless dreamers wrapped in wicked bindings of puncturing, penetrating thorns. Horned hunters cry havoc and unleash the dogs of rapacious hunger and a thousand tortured, lidless eyes watch the pageant of perversion, trapped in a living death, implanted in the flesh of their destroyers. The hours of night stretch into unending aeons and the grip of fear is tight about your palpitating heart. You scream in silence for the rising of the sun but the dreamtime has consumed you and the day will never come. You have slipped between the cracks of reality into an eternity of pain and madness…

Unhinged, untethered from the fabric of normality, let loose from the constrictions of morality, Colombian death machine, Cercenatory, have returned with GoreSphere, their first new album in more than seven years. This is brutal death metal taken to the absolute extreme; steeped in terror and lunacy, delivering bone breaking body blows with each moribund psalm to inhumanity. Beyond the pale, beyond the brink, beyond the bounds of rational thought, GoreSphere is a maelstrom of madly dancing riffs and suppurating sludge, drum beats that fall like giant fists and vocals that invoke grotesque images of gargling the infected pus from festering sores. To most, Cercenatory’s latest work will be a baffling exercise in barbarism – but to the rabid fans of brutal death metal it will be a gateway to a glorious sonic paradise of thrilling violence, an exhilarating dismantling of repressive mundanity. When the retching, screaming, torturous embrace of ‘Through The Deep Thoughts Of Tartarean Sadistic Cannibalism’ enfolds you, the world is left behind and you’re transported to a senseless, structureless universe of wild agony and wilder appetites. Or plunge yourself into the crimson waters of first single, ‘Crucified, Gutted, Desecrated’ and fall willing victim to an intricate bludgeoning fury that never seems to stop.

Now in the clutches of Comatose Music, Cercenatory will present their deranged, deformed bastard child to the world on February 16th, perfectly attired in the artwork of Timbul Cahyono (Avulsed, Defeated Sanity, Massacre etc), a little window into its stained and sutured soul. Be ready to lay your life, your sanity, the sanctity of your waking and sleeping hours upon the line, if you dare to step ‘Into The GoreSphere’.

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