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Gore House Prod. - FOETAL JUICE Pummels The Masses w/ New Drum Playthrough "Gore Mountain"

Unleashing their latest album "Grotesque" on Gore House Productions this past November, UK death grinders Foetal Juice have a new drum playthrough to brutalize the masses with. The second track on their latest full-length, "Mountain of Gore" features groovy drums over a simple riff. The band's style for this one is more Exhumed and Impaled influenced with rabid drum fills everywhere.

"We wanted to change a few things up on this album and include some slower, groovier sections than we have before. The intro to the song is a result of that. We think this one includes one of the fastest bomb blasts on the album too. It is a really groovy bouncy song throughout to keep a crowd energized at live performances." adds the band.

Watch the drum playthrough for "Mountain of Gore" above.

Foetal Juice’s sound is a melting pot of influences, ranging from death metal and grindcore to black metal, gore, groove, thrash, and even Enya. Their evolution as a band has brought new dimensions to their music, incorporating diverse elements while staying true to their death metal roots.

Notorious for their catalogue of unpleasantries and musical vulgarities, this album promises to be heavier, catchier, faster, and more aggressive than anything they've ever done before. It's a relentless assault on the senses, and Foetal Juice is ready to claim its place in the annals of brutal death metal.

A relentless barrage of blast beats, horror and gore that will have you questioning your sanity, “Grotesque” is recommended for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Vomitory.

They comment on the new album:

"Everything seems to have worked amazingly on “Grotesque.” It turned out far better than we ever imagined it would. Everyone has brought their A-game to the table with this one. Then Chris Fielding (Producer) put the cherry on the top with the outstanding mixing/mastering. He really has made this album sound incredible. Due to the lockdowns during Covid, Ryan, who is the main songwriter/Guitarist, has churned out hundreds of riffs and song ideas, which has meant we could be a lot more selective with choosing the final ideas than we would normally be able to. This has really helped us to find the best riffs and ideas to use on this album.

We always write the next song as if it has to be better than the last song we wrote. This really pushes us to impress one another when it comes to our individual parts. When we recorded the last album, Lewis had only been in the band for 2 months and pretty much had to copy the guitar parts with his bass lines. On Grotesque, he has really come into his own. The bass lines have added so much to each song as it’s not just the same as the guitar riffs.

With Foetal Juice, we push each other as far as we can to get the best out of each member. This is mainly because individually, we are all really difficult to impress, so when we have to impress one another, it really takes you to the next level of performance/writing.

We are so proud of everything about this album, from the artwork and songwriting to the performance, recording, and mastering. Even if no one likes it like we do, we can all hold our heads up high with this one.” – Foetal Juice

“Grotesque” was released on November 17th, 2023 via Gore House Productions and was produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding with the album artwork done by Misanthropic Art.

Album order (Cassette/ CD)/digital) at

Lyric Video - Legion of the Grotesque -

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