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  • Jason Hesley

Golgotha to release "Spreading The Wings Of Hope" in June.

I have been lost for so long now in a labyrinth of sorrow. Each turning I take down dusty, shadowed corridors where deceit stalks the darkness with hidden knives, leads only to another waypost on a journey without end. I open doors to find tableaus of heartbreak, sad parades of tears and pageants of loss. Mirrored ballrooms where dancers dressed in silk weep behind smiling masks as they spin beneath a thousand crystal candelabras, their reflections waltzing on into eternity. Chessboard tiles of cold marble chill my bare feet as I slip between the pawns and pass beneath the haughty gaze of bishops and kings with my head bowed, always following the fading echoes of my queen, the whisper of her passing like fading birdsong at twilight. Lost for so long…yet cupped in my hands I carry the flickering flame of hope. It burns low, but it burns still…

Stepping once more from the shadows, Golgotha, Spain’s renowned troubadours of the disconsolate lament, preeminent artisans of doom and desolation, have returned, bearing with them a new album of sombre reflection and measured melodies, tossed upon a tempestuous sea of love and mourning. Opening with the magnificent magisterial gravitas of ‘For Every Tear’, Spreading The Wings Of Hope sees Golgotha sailing proudly onwards under the ever-present guiding hand of guitarist Vicente J. Paya, on a wonderful voyage of musical and emotional discovery.  The deep sadness of first single, ‘Gilded Cage’ brings the band’s signature use of a dual vocal presence to the fore – the lilting understated melodies delivered in such an enthralling manner by María J. Lladó surrendering to the leonine roar of Andrew Spinosa as the two vocalists spin this tale of a hollow, empty relationship.  The masterful marriage of contrasts is key to the Golgotha sound, as towering, resplendent riffs and aching, intimate fragility meet and entwine. ‘Hear Their Cries’ springs from the magical coalescing of powerful rolling rhythms and mellifluous vocal melodies, while ‘Human Vultures’ evolves through resolute heaviness and consuming atmosphere, thrilling dynamics and soul touching beauty. Golgotha are a special band, whose music spans vast vistas of emotional power and they have never sounded more accomplished than they do on Spreading The Wings Of Hope. Concluding with ‘The Hope As Guide’ with its succinct, sublime guitar solo, haunting final words and climactic finish that leaves the listener in a stunned silence, this album is destined to stand as a towering achievement amongst the storied peaks of Golgotha’s remarkable canon of work…the moment when all their creative possibilities were realised in spectacular fashion.

Sonically crafted to richly textured perfection by the production, mixing and mastering skills of Javier Fernández (Avulsed, Holycide, TodoMal) and adorned in impactful artwork, full of secrets and questions, Spreading The Wings Of Hope will be released on both CD and cassette by Golgotha’s new label, Ardua Music on June 14th. A proud successor to 2022s critically acclaimed Mors Diligentis, Spreading The Wings Of Hope will let you soar on wings of imagination. Once heard it will never be forgotten...

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