• Jason Hesley

GOLDEN RUSK to release "Ouroboros"

GOLDEN RUSK were born in 2016 in Siracusa, Italy. Originally born as a one man band with Maher, alternating sounds deriving from black and death metal. Later Josh Marchand from Michigan joins the vocals, who's making a distinctive vocal contribution to the band resulting in an aggressive and dark death metal sound. It's a constant work in progress, in fact the only thing listeners can count on is that what they will hear will be the echoes of the heart and soul of the band trying to connect with listeners far and wide.

The band will release Ourboros on March 19th.

"Ouroboros" tracklist:

1. The calm

2. Rise

3. The chase

4. Endless suffering

5. This is the end

6. Blood spawn

7. Two sides of a coin

8. A means to an end

9. Marionette

10. Gift of death

11. The disease

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