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  • Jason Hesley

GODSPEAR Debuts Second Power Metal Single "Til the End of Time"

Progressive metal ensemble GODSPEAR has launched "Til the End of Time," their latest single and an energetic seven-and-a-half-minute journey through the metal landscape. This new release magnificently encapsulates the spirit of classic power metal while maintaining a fresh contemporary edge.

"Til the End of Time" is a collaborative effort led by Canadian maestro Xavier Dumont, skilled in composition, keyboards, and bass, and Ukranian guitarist virtuoso Dimitriy Pavlovskiy of Majesty of Revival fame. The single is further bolstered by the powerful vocal prowess of Konstantin Naumenko, known for his work with Symphonity, and the percussive talents of drummer John Rouleau.

This track, the band's second offering, presents a symphony of fast-paced drumming intertwined with captivating riffs, culminating in an impassioned chorus. The single showcases GODSPEAR's ability to weave together classic power metal attributes like grand choirs and soaring vocals, making it their most ambitious piece to date.

Fans of legendary bands like Rhapsody, Symphony X, and Avantasia can look forward to additional GODSPEAR releases in the near future, promising more of their signature epic soundscapes.

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