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  • Jason Hesley

GOATMILKER (death, NL) hit with new studio album, first single out!

GOATMILKER is a death metal project started in Deest, Holland in 2013 by Joey Veerbeek (Syncardion, Caedere, ex-Crippled & ex-Vermin). Goatmilker plays death metal with anti-religion lyrical themes.

With cooperation of polish label Via Nocturna they are going to release third studio album titled “Exterminate the Holy” on CD and digitally. Date of release is scheduled on 15th April 2022 (pre-order). Music for this record was recorded at The Goatmilker Studio and re-amped, mixed & mastered at BLP Studios by Ronnie Björnström which cooperated in the past with such well known bands as Blood Red Throne, Bodyfarm, Centinex and Paganizer.

Cover artwork is done by Vorck. On this album we can hear few great guests from bands Aeon, God Dethroned, Syncardion and Context.

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