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  • Jason Hesley

GNIDA., Siberian brutals released debut album!

Initially, the project GNIDA. was planned as an online between Russia, Germany and America. When musicians started rehearsals in 2022, they decided to do this as fulltime band with members of Naegleria Fowleri and Apokefale. An interesting fact is, that the correct spelling of the band name is .gnida (with dot).


"Sacrifice for Resurrection" is a conceptual album about medieval times and dark ages. Band have been working on the sound for a very long time to get a very soft and at the same time raw analog sound. Music was recorded in 2023 at Infernal Records Studio (Vomitous Mass, Tsaver, Hellcord), whereas guest vocals were recorded:- Clayton Meade (Condemned) in USA, - Atur Ryabov (Septicopyemia) at Ivanovo Studio. - Decomposition (Entrails) at own studio RUMF Productions. Mix and mastering was done at Infernal Records Studio in Siberia. Cover artwork were created by Ungodly Ruins Design, booklet and layouts by Polly.


"Sacrifice for Resurrection" was released January 10, 2024 on all popular streaming platforms (links) and physically on tape and CD with cooperation with Heretic Impalement Records. Music on physical format as well as other merchandise is available at Bandcamp.

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