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  • Jason Hesley

Giliath released their debut album «Sefiroth» on Nova Era Records

Italian Black Metal band Giliath released their debut album «Sefiroth» on Nova Era Records. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Petrelli in "Divergent Studios".

Giliath was formed in 2020 at Bari, Italy by Dario Stella (Vocals) and Alessandro Dionisio (Guitars). The band's compositional style gathers the typical foundations of the European black metal school, with a particular focus on the Scandinavian vein. These are influenced by various elements that have characterized symphonic and atmospheric black metal, allowing the creation of a specific genre with a strong regional identity. In 2022 Vito Volpicella (Bass) joined the band and in 2023 Domenico Devito (Guitar) and Lorenzo Chiafele (Drums) joined the band and lineup was completed.

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