• Jason Hesley

Get to know Lipshok!

Welcome to the world of Lipshok and their symphonic gothic rock metal sound where magick is real, traveling to alternate dimensions is possible, the wind carries messages for the future, and mythical creatures roam the earth. This is their newest CD “Shadows of a Dark Heart” in a nutshell. This music will take you away from reality and bring you a new reality. The songs are intense and compelling with rich stories and incredible harmonies and haunting melodies. The music is gothic hard rock, symphonic metal, and alternative combined. You will be transported to another world listening to “Looking Glass”, an update on Alice and Wonderland, “And So He’ll Fly” the story of Icarus and his deadly mistake, “Alive Once More’ the musings of a vampire, and “Answer the Call” a political take on people seeking help in a tough year. Along with those songs is “Without a Flame”, “Revenge”, “Unknown”, and “Don’t Fear Defeat” continuing to tell the fables. All the songs are written by vocalist/keyboardist Scarlett Dark (also known as Debbi Douglas in the real world… which we try to stay away from…). Along with Scarlett is Massimiliano Maggiari on guitar, Phil Jameson on bass, and Joe Londeree on drums. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Brad Barth at Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, CA, USA. “Shadows of a Dark Heart” is the 4th release by Lipshok. Previous releases are “In Darkness Light”2010, “The Soul of a Broken Mind” 2013, and “To Haunt a Quiet Realm”2016. Sounds like an ongoing theme…

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