• Jason Hesley

Get to know: HenoH

In July 2018 from the post-apocalyptic vision of a dark and dirty world, in the breath of rot and stench, in the basement of the municipal library in Wyszków, the Beast named HenoH is born. Four enthusiasts with a significant musical past and the experience of old hands create a new band based on various musical genres. The project is made by musicians who were involved in various bands in the past times. Each of them presented a different musical genre but it did not stop them from creating a different style, based on death metal, punk metal, black metal, thrash, grind, and even jazz elements. The name of the group, even though once modified, refers to the forgotten or not recognized by the Church Apocryphal Book of Enoch referring to a heterogeneous work, compiled from various texts in the period from the 4th century BC until the 1st century CE. Among other things, the Book of Enoch informs about the group of Semihazy 200 Watchers "bene ha Elohim" in some interpretations referred to as the antediluvian heavenly teachers. The texts written in Latina complement the whole project. Currently, the group has recorded its debut at Studio California in Warsaw. The team decided to present their achievements to the world by its own. HenoH is waiting for the publisher or label. The album "Demonstration" premiered on the 19th of August 2020 on YouTube.

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