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  • Jason Hesley

Get to know, "Decoy"

Steadfast to the deep-rooted signature sound of the Louisiana metal/hardcore scene, emerges DECOY with their ferocious vocals, aggressively dissonant guitars and pummeling low end.  Casting their brand upon the music scene in the summer of 2017, DECOY have methodically developed into a powder-keg of undetonated explosives.  Drawing inspiration from heavy-weights such as Hatebreed, Converge, Vein and All Shall Perish, DECOY are on a fast-track trajectory that will certainly propel this quintet into the national touring circuit.Establishing a reputation for their high-energy stage presence, DECOY are commanding audiences well beyond their home state.  Adding to Jonah Smith vocals, he is joined by Lucien Champton on drums, Bobby Burnette and Matt Rumfellow on guitars along with his brother Chris Rumfellow on bass.   Their style of metallic hardcore hits hard and deep pushing the boundaries of controlled chaos.Conjuring the deep internal demons that fester uncontrollably, DECOY have channeled the dark,  transposing their angst into a crushing construct.  Look for new music and tours coming from DECOY.  In the meantime, check out their latest release, Re:Selection, out now on all streaming platforms!

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