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Get to know Death Metal band Spasticus!

Spasticus is based in Palermo, Italy, and was founded by Jan Spasticus (Netherlands/South Africa) with Tudisk (drums), The Spi (Bass) and Krost (Vocals).

The band starts playing in the bedroom of The Spi pissing off neighbors with freshly-crafted death metal tunes and total self-destructive urge.

This first line up recorded recorded in july 2019 the first "Fuck Me Before I Die" Ep released as european tape version on Red Wine Rites Records and Barbarie DIY.

Right after the recording line up changes with Walter (Dukov, ex-Eraser) and Lorenzo Subhuman entering on drums and bass. One first show was performed in Autumn 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, nonetheless a new recording session happened in the same period.

The result is the new mini album Horror Chaos Death, it consists of five new tracks ridden with disease and hatred, and it is gonna be out on Tape (Unholy Domain Records/Rotted Life) and Cd (Necrolatry Records) on the 25th of June 2021.

Also in Summer, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has reissued the FMBID ep on Pro-CD for all the overseas death freaks.

Lorenzo Subhuman left the band in November of 2020 and was replaced by our current bassist Totò Schizoid.

Current Line-up:

Jan Spasticus - Guitar

Krost Von Barbarie - Vocals

Walter 669 - Drums

Totò Schizoid - Bass

Check out music and more here:



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