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  • Jason Hesley

Get to know Death/Doom Band, "Slog"

Dark, brutish, and mystic is the mood that saturates the sound of Slog. Their intentions are cryptic, but their individual reputations give some insight into the mystery. Slog is the latest in a cavalcade of musical projects from a pair of relentless heavy metal fiends: Jared Moran and Nicholas Turner. Each of them has lent mind, body, and soul to the extreme underground across numerous bands and subgenres of metal. Moran is the terrifying force behind Yzordderrex, Filtheater, 54R, and a host of other acts. Meanwhile, Turner is known for his solo undertaking Nothing Is Real as well as his efforts in Moldering Vibration and Schizochristo. Slog is not the duo's first joint effort either, having worked together in Acausal Intrusion, Feral Lord, Obsidian Hooves, Burial Curse, and Psionic Madness. Their combined body of work is daunting, but perhaps not as much as what they now present to us with their latest endeavor.

Graves is the first release from Slog and it carves a bleak and twisted path through your ears and into your mind. The album revels in its own tumultuous death-doom, roaring unrestrained in a genre known for its despondence and despair. Songs are grim but fearless, combining a dreary, thundering back end with esoteric guitar lines and guttural

vocals. Every note seems to be dripping with something strange and morose but still draws on primal compulsions. Slog uses Graves to build on the death-doom of their forbearers, but grows in phantasmagoric new directions. CDs will be released by Morbid And Miserable Records on December 17 and cassette tapes will be released by

Transylvanian Recordings.

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