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  • Jason Hesley

Get Ready to Headbang: Trendkill Inc's Epic Fusion of Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal is Here!

We're proud to share with you the news regarding the release of the live album by the Brazilian Heavy/Thrash Metal Trendkill Inc. on all digital platforms.

"Live At Thrash DisConcert" is filled with previously unreleased material and a bunch of raw and energetic songs that mix thrash heaviness with heavy metal melodies. Undoubtedly, they will be one of the great Brazilian bands to emerge in the coming years.

São Paulo-based heavy/thrash metal band Trendkill Inc. have been hard at work composing and recording the follow-up to their eponymous 2021 EP, after completely reinventing themselves with a new line-up.

Meanwhile, Diego Veras (vocals/rythym guitar), Ivan Santos (lead guitar), Sandro Cézzar (bass) and Alexandre Fontana (drums) haven't been idle, focusing on shaping the cohesion, sound and new stuff with many gigs.

One of these shows was their excellent performance at the Thrash disConcert Festival at RedStar Studios in São Paulo/SP last July, along with the bands Tosco and Faces Of Death. The festival was highly acclaimed by all the attending press and fans.

And now all their fans, or rather all fans of classic heavy metal full of melody, well seasoned with the cadenced weight of Bay Area thrash metal, have the result of this incredible night for Trendkill Inc..

On September 3rd, the first live album of their career was released on all streaming platforms and as a video on the band's YouTube channel under the title "Live At Thrash disConcert".

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