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  • Jason Hesley

Germany's One Man Symphonic Dark Metal DAIDALOS Releases Next Single "Northlight"

German one-man symphonic dark metal band Daidalos founded in 2020 by drummer/pianist Tobias Püschner (former drummer of the technical thrash band Revolt) will be releasing the debut album "The Expedition" this coming July 2022 via Extreme Metal Music.

The album was inspired after reading a book on Captain Sir John Franklin's Lost Expedition, a British voyage of Arctic exploration that departed with 129 men from England in 1845. Both ships, called Erebus & Terror, became icebound and after being trapped and suffering in eternal coldness for over a year, the remaining sailors decided to abandon their ships. Trying to survive, they set out for the Canadian mainland, but disappeared.

"The Expedition" is a musical journey through the Arctic Ice, on board with Sir John Franklin's crew. The different moods the sailors had to experience at that time probably went from heroic and enthusiastic to absolute hopelessness and daily mortal fear. I composed these atmospheres musically and told them as a concept album / musical story." says Püschner

"The Expedition" contains nine songs and has a total playtime of 47 minutes plus a bonus track.

Today, Daidalos shares the second single "Northlight" and explains the track in further detail.

"With Northlight, I composed the grand finale at the end of the album. The song is about the dying seamen whose souls go to heaven to the northern lights. Actually a song about friendship and the good old times, where you never know when they might be over. Musically again a power song with a fantastic guitar solo by Fabio. Northlight will surely be a brute wall live. The end of the song is actually written as an outro of an orchestra and closes the album."

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