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  • Jason Hesley

German mysticians NEMESIS SOPOR release their fourth album "Firmament"

German mysticians NEMESIS SOPOR release their fourth album "Firmament" as CD (lim. 300) and LP (lim. 200).

Stylistically to be located in the field of atmospheric Black Metal, the music oscillates between raging frenzy and contrasting moments of clarity and tranquillity.

Founded 2008 in Dresden, the band reveals also hints of progressive song writing and even rock elements in their visionary sound.


01 – Detritus (12:39)

02 – Argus (07:17)

03 – Apsis (09:57)

04 – Paresis (05:04)

05 – Monument (07:13)

06 – Wall (07:46)

The band states:

"Firmament" lyrically explores aspects of freedom. In particular, it raises the questions of whether freedom actually exists - and what impact this might have on the life of the individual, and how freedom should be applied in certain situations. How far can or should we go to grant / withdraw freedom. So how far we should go and what should be allowed is of course a matter of discourse between people, societies, the government, etc. It may change according to where you are, what time it is, what cultural background you have. As it directly affects every individual, we think it’s essential that we ask these questions and determine where this “line” is.

Equally border-defining is the element of the album title "Firmament." In our concept, one could picture the firmament as some kind of boundary between our earthly realm and the celestial. It’s hard to attain, hard to understand where this boundary lies exactly and what is beyond it. Perhaps complete chaos / freedom? Where we draw this line between order and chaos depends on our cultural background, our religion, etc. How big is your personal firmament? Can or will you break out of it or do you let your freedom be constrained by religious / cultural / personal / societal rules and norms?

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