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  • Jason Hesley

German Death Metal band Susurro release new single "Old Story"

The German Death/Thrash Metal band Susurro has released their new single "Old Story", it is an anti-war song that deals with the question, why does history repeat itself and what are wars for? The release was recorded at "AKS Studios" and mixed and mastered by Andy Lux.

The band founder Jack Skaner describes the song: "We find it very sad that there is war in Europe again. That mothers are losing their sons. The paranoia and hatred has arrived here. Why are there wars? What is the point of all this? Maybe we would all be better off if there were no politics and we all loved each other."

Susurro was formed in 2019 at Allmersbach, Germany by Jack Skaner (vocals/guitar). Soon after Mr. Six-Ell (bass) and Winzent Walace (guitars/keyboard) joined the band and the lineup was completed. The band's debut album "Erratic" was released in January 2022.

"Old Story":

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