• Jason Hesley

GENTLE SAVAGE To Release Third Single ’Run Run Poor Boy’ On October 9th, Debut Album Coming 2021!

Finnish Rockers GENTLE SAVAGE were formed in 2013, and their characteristics stem from the ancient Karelian magic spells combined with the feel of European mega cities hum and spin. With a musical DNA twirling back to the earliest days of rock music, GENTLE SAVAGE roar with their heavy, yet dynamic style. Their message is clear;  'Don't you worry 'bout a thing. Just let our magic in and we'll take care of the rest!'.

Currently, GENTLE SAVAGE are busy working in the studio on their debut album, coming out February 2021! The third single, entitled ’Run Run Poor Boy’, will be unleashed on October 9th. It could be an independent sequel to the band’s previous work, like a narrative of what could have happened to the characters in the songs today. 

Concerning the debut album, many names for the album have come up, but with so many things going on for the band right now, it has been decided to hold off on this. Tornado, the band's songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, wants the title to reflect the current state of the band and feels naming it now would be premature. 

August 2020 – Seven years is a surprisingly short time – or can be considered a long time, depending on how you feel. The band has found a characteristic sound that they are honing more precisely, especially in live shows. The band is now in its final form – a five-member line-up. The first gigs are completed, a great performance at the Goat Hill Festival fresh in the memory. When the world returns to normal post-COVID-19, GENTLE SAVAGE will hit the stage more regularly.  

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