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GENTLE SAVAGE's Premiere Analog Animation Video ’Honey Bunny -the Rock’n Roll Transformation’

Finnish Rockers GENTLE SAVAGE, formed in 2013, have unleashed their new analog animation music video 'Honey Bunny -the Rock'n Roll transformation'. Furthermore the band reveals more details on the video and how it was born.

Watch the 'Honey Bunny -the Rock'n Roll transformation' video here: -

What happens when you combine hand painted art, rock music and digital art?

You get more than the total of the three. Something that reaches higher and gives the end product, in this case the analog video, a wider palette of ways to implicate meanings and transmit emotions.

Team behind Gentle Savage’s new video are the musicians, a graphic artist and a photographer. With love for the comic books and inspired by good old stories like Alice in Wonderland, Kalevala and Osiris Myth, they came up with a story of a human like creature who ends up on a trip to the Underworld. It's obvious, that it is the adventure of his life. Transformated and after finding the love of his life, Mr. Bunny decides to stay in the Underworld. No turning back!

Lead vocalist Tornado says: "I find a very clear analogy in the story right to my own life. Without any further explanations the upper most feeling is that now we’ve created something special. We wish all the viewers a good adventure hoping it puts a smile on your faces. Never give up on your dreams, go for the adventure!"

The art was made by the Finnish graphic artist Jyrki Heikkinen. The story was created by Tornado Bearstone and Jyrki Heikkinen alongside the Gentle Savage’s guitarist Tim O’Shore.

"Break the boundaries, find your own way!"

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