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GENTLE SAVAGE Reveal Debut Album "Midnight Waylay" Tracklisting + Announce Release Party!

GENTLE SAVAGE have revealed the tracklisting + back coverart of their debut album "Midnight Waylay", set to be released next week, on June 17th via Bandcamp at

"Midnight Waylay" Track List:

1. Karelian Magic 4.15

2. Personal Hades 3.58

3. YNAMW (You Never ask Me Why) 3.56

4. Into The Abyss. 5.18

5. Honey Bunny. 3.10

6. After All. 4.25

7. Run Run Poor Boy 4.53

8. Livin' It Up. 4.42

9. Carry The Fire. 4.33

Furthermore, the band announces the album release party, on June 18th at Maxim Theatre, Kuopio! Facebook event page: More details TBA.

The band adds:

"We invite 50 persons to the show as a live audience, entrance by commenting on this post! Streamed on HD resolution the party is also available on our YouTube channel and our official website.

We will perform all our new songs accompanied by something from the Introduction EP. We'd love to have you with us on this very special night!! We're gonna take you to the abyss and back..."

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