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GENTLE SAVAGE Announce New Single YNAMW Coming Out Soon, First Teasing Details Revealed!

Finnish Rockers GENTLE SAVAGE, formed in 2013, have announced their new single, entitled 'YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why)' coming out still by the end of 2020, revealing first teasing details about it. YNAMW is taken from the band's upcoming debut album ‘Midnight Waylay’, out in February 2021. Furthermore the band reveals the single cover artwork, created by Vin Valentino.

Lead vocalist Tornado on the single:

"YNAMW is a fairly weird song. With it's rhythmic and dynamic character YNAMW gives you some real nice boost while jogging or coupling or just rockin' around.. (Meditation is propably out of the question).

Four different parts include two solos and of course - a catchy chorus. YNAMW tells a story about a modern cowboy-vampire and his call to action. Our hero reveals his yearn for eternal love. And just for making sure; this story is fictive! More about it later."

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