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GEMINI SYNDROME Releases Music Video For 'Reintegration'

Los Angeles alternative metal band GEMINI SYNDROME has released the music video for its new single "Reintegration" today via Another Century. The clip, directed by Brian Cox (BRING ME THE HORIZON, THE USED, STARSET), can be seen below. The track, which is the first release off the band's forthcoming full-length album, is also available to purchase and stream.

"Our video for 'Reintegration' tells the story of an initiate's journey as he travels through the various stages of initiation," states GEMINI SYNDROME vocalist Aaron Nordstrom. "We follow him as he walks away from his past in an effort to find himself by facing and overcoming various trials and tribulations, until he ultimately ascends to the highest version of himself."

Brian Steele Medina, GEMINI SYNDROME's drummer, adds: "We worked with director Brian Cox again, who is a good friend and a visionary artist, who also happens to be stuck in U.K. due to quarantine restrictions. These unique times forced us to get creative. Between shooting the live band shots in the U.S., animations done in Portugal, rendered in Russia, and edited in UK, this ended up being a worldwide collaboration."

"The video for 'Reintegration' allowed me to re-connect with my inner layers, distortions and glitches, reestablishing my continued search of artistic clarity," states Cox. 2020 has been a force to allow us to think outside of the box. Directed all the way from my studio in England, band performance shot on location in the U.S., animations created in Portugal... this video truly is a worldwide collaboration."

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