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  • Jason Hesley

GATES TO THE MORNING Release New Single "Moon In the Mid-Day Sky"

New Jersey progressive trio, GATES TO THE MORNING are streaming their new single "Moon In the Mid-Day Sky" exclusively via Ghost Cult Magazine. The song is from their album Walk Between Worlds which is out on July 22nd, 2022.

The band comments “Moon in the Mid-Day Sky” is the first single from Gates to the Morning’s upcoming sophomore effort “Walk Between Worlds.” “Walk Between Worlds” is a dreamy and atmospheric divergence from some of the bands heavier material, serving as a sort of calm before the storm as the band will resume their heavier progressive/post-black metal sound on the two follow up albums that have already been composed. In the meantime you can enjoy a flight through ethereal landscapes and dream-like atmospheres with “Moon In the Mid-Day Sky…”


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