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  • Jason Hesley

GATECREEPER - Release Music Video For Infectious New Single, 'Caught In The Treads'!

Arizona death metal specialists make their triumphant return with their first new track since 2021’s An Unexpected Reality. 'Caught in the Treads' is heavily rooted in the high-powered energy that fuels the contagious atmosphere that they have encountered in their recent global live endeavors. The single, produced and mixed by Kurt Ballou of CONVERGE fame, features infectious guitar melodies and drum passages that audiences will cling to with their refined attitude as the purveyors of the new wave of American death metal.

Chase H. Mason states, "Lyrically the song is about a supernaturally charged fleet of tanks that have been possessed by the souls of fallen soldiers. It's about revenge and crushing your enemies." Expanding on the music video he mentions, "As soon as we finished recording, we started sneaking this song into our live set. We brought along our own VHS camera and had our friends film the shows where they could."

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