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  • Jason Hesley

GATECREEPER release "Masterpiece of Chaos" single!

Gatecreeper’s searing new single “Masterpiece of Chaos” evokes their tried and true, singular death metal style. Vocalist Chase Mason tells, “'Masterpiece of Chaos' is a nightmarish vision of a broken mirror with an ominous creature that lives within the fragmented web of glass. It sonically contrasts and compliments the more melodic approach we took to some of the other songs."

Gatecreeper’s pivotal new album Dark Superstition is due in just one month via Nuclear Blast - their label debut. Their sprawling third full-length is more concise, melodic, and memorable than anything they’ve ever done. It sees vocalist Chase H. Mason, guitarists Eric Wagner and Israel Garza, drummer Metal Matt Arrebollo and bassist Alex Brown—carving out their own path. 

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