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5-piece Hardcore/metalcore band, Gassed Up, from Preston UK return with the brand new single ‘Section 20’, offering the best of the band’s talents within hardcore, metal and grime.

Forming in 2014, Gassed Up fused together all their favorite sounds and have garnered over 900,000 Spotify streams from across the world.

The band’s latest EP release ‘Gnostic State’, which released in September 2019, was Gassed Up’s most comprehensive material, and showcased the versatility and creativity the band behold, but now, 1 year on, ‘Section 20’ furthers the band’s abilities to new heights.

The brand new single ‘Section 20’ is a niche mix of the band’s beloved hardcore sound, mixed with much more prominently powerful grime MC’ing from vocalist Dan Crossley. The single highlights the rise in knife and violent crime in the UK over the past years, and how easy it is as a youth to be roped into narcotics and a life of violence and crime. It is a statement on how it may seem cool, or a worthwhile way to make good money when you are surrounded by people who find it acceptable, but the consequences are usually far more severe, leading to prison, gang violence, serious injury or even death.

Dan’s inspiration rises from personal experiences. “I was involved in this lifestyle and managed to remove myself from it, and move on to a better, more civilized way of living”

Drummer, Shaun Hunkin, talks about the creation process of ‘Section 20’, and explains the writing was completely different to their previous EP ‘Gnostic State’, where they had tight deadlines to meet. This time, the band entered with an open mind.

Starting to write the song before Christmas 2019, and with riffs coming and going, Gassed Up decided they wanted to find something with a heavier natural sound. They also determined that something they lacked from the Gnostic State EP was the signature element of rap, which can be found in the fan favorite single ‘Mother, I Suffer’.

Alongside the commercial metal sound and harder hitting instrumental the song had, the band decided this was a direction they’d like to repeat, while involving their signature rap vocals within the song too. Preston, the band’s hometown, is notorious for knife crime which affects thousands of people in their teens and early adulthood, and as modern day topics and issues regular surface in the bands’ songs, they felt this was a rightful topic to raise awareness of.

“With this track taking a heavier instrumental route, it fit with the theme of the track perfectly, providing a darker side to youth culture”. - Shaun Hunkin

A large portion of his track was written during the national lockdown, and the frustration and mental anguish the band were feeling at the time was charged into the song.

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