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  • Jason Hesley

GAMERRA’s "Tedium" Is One Of The Heaviest Releases Of The Year!

Louisiana’s Gamerra is a good-time thrash band seeking the ultimate jam. Mixing in spicy doses of death metal and progressive metal, producing a sound akin to a fusion of Exodus and Death with the intense vocal patterns and delivery of Warbringer, the aggressive and experimental leanings of Revocation, the ferocious rhythm guitar tone of early Meshuggah, and the attitude and fun-loving vibes of Havok, all played in the spirit of old school Sepultura. These influences are honored in their latest album "Tedium", which is their fifth release. They comment on the release:

“We’re really pumped to finally get this material out to the public and very relieved that it came out better than we hoped. We’ve had the songs demoed out for about a year and we got the art done for it way in advance. We hope everyone enjoys it. It’s a culmination of negative energy funneled into something productive. This in our eyes, created thrash which transcends the limitations of its subgenre. Our hope is that it will make people look at thrash in a new light.”

Over the years Gamerra has gotten a lot more intense and progressive musically and the vocal patterns and lyrics have gotten considerably more mature (not in content, but in quality). They quote that they are pretty far forward from the sound people heard in “Detached from Reality” (2019).

Through many lineup changes, Gamerra survives in the new decade. Despite consistently not having a drummer, and still lacking a bassist, Jacob Broussard, Jake Meche, and Reece Benoit persist on and will continue to write, record, and release music in the hopes of catching the ears of musicians that might be interested in playing with them.

Gamerra’s M.O. with this release was to make the heaviest thrash release they could muster, and they now present it for the fans to decide. It is recommended for listeners of Exodus, Death, and Revocation.

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