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  • Jason Hesley

GAEREA Truly Are Tortured Artists in "Dormant" Video!

Would you torture yourself in the name of art?

Voluntary suffering for the greater goal in pursuit of artistic excellence is what one of the members of cathartic black metal band GAEREA (PT) went through for the visualisation of ‘Dormant’.

The video was directed by the great Claudio Marino, who's distinguished for working with giants like Behmoth, Watain and Shining. But it simply can’t be classified as a music video. Instead, it’s an 8-minute excruciating compilation of being waterboarded, trapped in a cycle of unending pain, with each passing moment feeling like an eternity, time becoming the cruelest enemy.

Watch the video for "Dormant".

‘Dormant’ is a ghost track. The song was only available on the sold-out media book from Gaerea's most-recent album “Mirage”. Out of billions of people, a mere group of just 1349 holds ownership of this exceptional track.

But no more.

To mark the start of their North American tour with Wolves in the Throne Room, Black Braid and Hoaxed, the band is releasing ‘Dormant’ for all fans to let their minds wander freely and share their suffering.

“Complementing the song's aural journey, the video art installation accompanying "Dormant" delves into the anguish and struggle for survival",says Gaerea. "The visuals depict the main character, trapped and enclosed in a tormenting world, as water relentlessly pours over his body, simulating drowning and suffocation. This immersive and visceral experience offers a harrowing glimpse into the protagonist's fight for life, evoking a range of emotions and challenging viewers to confront their own mortality.”

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