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  • Jason Hesley

Fxck The Monster bring the mexican culture with a traditional song for The Day Of The Deaths.

The Mexican nu-metal / hardcore band FXCK THE MONSTERreleases material under the American label "Curtain Call Records ”,“ Remembranzas de Justicia y Libertad ”: 10 songs plus a bonus track.

"La Llorona" is a popular Mexican song of anonymous authorship, whose particularity over the years has been that each person who interprets it, adds their personal stamp through new verses and arrangements: Chabela Vargas, Lila Downs and Raphael are of the most emblematic examples.

We decided to make our own version to honor those who are no longer there, with two new stanzas of our authorship, the final ones, where we reflect what their dead mean to Mexico.

We have done this with the support of all those who decided to participate with a photo and give us the honor of helping them remember them each time they see this video.

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