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  • Jason Hesley

Furor Gallico re-signs with Scarlet Records!

The Italian folk metal masters have renewed their contract with the Milan-based record label: a successful partnership launched in 2015 with the release of the second album 'Songs from the Earth' and followed in 2019 by 'Dusk of the Ages', which included the Italian-sung ballad 'Canto d'Inverno' (4,6 million views on YouTube).

"We're excited to renew the partnership with Scarlet Records, and eager to share new projects with them. We cannot wait to show our fans what we have in store!"

Furor Gallico

"I'm very happy to keep working with such a talented band which became a mainstay of the Italian and European folk metal scene. Looking forward to bring Furor Gallico to the next level!"

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