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  • Jason Hesley

FUNERAL VOMIT Unveils Visualizer Video for "The Mortuary Moon"

Colombian Death Metal powerhouse FUNERAL VOMIT has released a captivating visualizer video for their latest single, "The Mortuary Moon", marking the 3rd advance single from their eagerly awaited debut album, "Monumental Putrescence." The album is set to hit the shelves on December 19th, 2023, courtesy of Xtreem Music, available in CD, 12"LP, Cassette, and Digital formats.

Watch the Visualizer Video Here:

Founded in 2020, deep within the tumultuous backdrop of the pandemic, FUNERAL VOMIT emerged with a vision of delivering cavernous, raw, and rotten Death Metal that reverberates within the underground. Their journey so far includes the release of the demo "Necrophoric Infestation" (2020), a split Cassette with Mexican outfit Heretic Ritual titled "Chants of Morbid Excruciation" (2021), another split CD/Cassette with Chinese Death Metal group Mvltifission, "Necrophoric Decomposition," and their self-titled EP "Funeral Vomit" in 2022.

Influenced by the likes of INFESTER, AUTOPSY, MORTICIAN, CREMATORY, FUNEBRE, and infused with elements reminiscent of underground Black Metal acts such as BESTIAL WARLUST, ARCHGOAT, and BLASPHEMY, FUNERAL VOMIT creates an auditory abomination that exudes pure rottenness.

Tracklist for "Monumental Putrescence":

  1. Intro (The Entombment)

  2. Immense Morbidity

  3. The Mortuary Moon

  4. Spectral Parasite

  5. Cadaveric Apparition

  6. Interlude (Towards the Abysmal Doom)

  7. Monumental Putrescence

  8. Necromantical Winds

  9. Swarming Pestilence

  10. Outro (The Sinister Mist)

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