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  • Jason Hesley

Full of Hell Reveal Devastating New Single “Gasping Dust”

As they prepare for the release of their sixth studio album Coagulated BlissFull of Hell have shared another devastating single titled "Gasping Dust."  The track's viciousness might scan as misanthropy—“humanity to blame,” vocalist Dylan Walker concludes after running through the ways the earth is “riddled with sores”— but it comes from a place of disappointment that’s driven by a deep love for people and life and the world.  The track features a guest vocal appearance by Ross Dolan of Immolation, who comments: "It was a huge honor to contribute some vocals to the new Full of Hell song 'Gasping Dust'.  When Dylan and the gang reached out to me for this, I was so psyched to participate and be part of their new album since I am a huge fan and consider them one of the younger bands leading the way to bring extreme music to the next generation of fans of this genre.  Immolation have been close friends and huge fans of Full of Hell since we first met and toured together in 2017, so needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to participate.   The song  is a short burst of controlled chaos and fury with lyrics that are dark and very relevant.  I love the song and can't wait for the rest of the world to hear it!"

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