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  • Jason Hesley

Full-length album from the American symphonic/melodic/modern metal band Hämärä...!!!

Formed by a couple of teenagers in 2006, Hämärä is a symphonic metal band from Castle Rock, Colorado comprised of Josh Ruff (Lead Vocals / Bass), Aaron Schug (Vocals / Guitar), Austen Couch (Guitar), Tony Molieri (Keyboards / Synth / Orchestrations), and Orlando Manzanares (Drums). The varying musical interests of each band member has allowed Hämärä to develop a style that blends a diverse set of genres, creating a unique and dynamic sound. Having Scandinavian metal as one their biggest music influences led to the adoption of the Finnish word “hämärä”, a word used to describe the dark, gloomy time between day and night, as the band name. After a seven-year hiatus, Hämärä is back with a new album and a renewed excitement in the live music scene. Their latest album, ‘Ivory Tower’ released on April 7, 2022.

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