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  • Jason Hesley

FUGIT (post-black/shoegaze) will release new studio album!

FUGIT is a one man band from Italy, created by Andrea Milan. Formed in 2014 as a way to cope with the human condition, Andrea's music speaks from personal experiences to science to our place and purpose in this massive thing called The Universe. After two years of experimenting with ambient and acoustic music, Fugit returns with a new metal album!

This new work encompasses all the emotions that arise with the realization that reality is nothing more than a fractal morphogenic hologram, constantly evolving its sound towards new melodies.

From stars, to atoms, from galaxies to our cells inside of us, everything always repeats itself in the same way, according to the same patterns and rules, and it's all fake, illusory, holographic in nature. New studio album is titled “Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram”. Date of release is scheduled on 3rd February 2023 and will be available at all streaming platforms. "Like an explorer of a distant world, watch the universe consume life"

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  1. Whie Limbo

  2. Starburst

  3. Ekpyrosis

  4. Shrivel

  5. Deus Sive Natura

  6. Dysphoria

  7. Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram

  8. Il Volo Proibito

  9. Out of Sync With the World

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