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  • Jason Hesley

FREYA And RIG TIME! Announce American Hardcore Tour Dates For January 2024!

This January, two American powerhouse acts will band together to play nine gigs around the east coast of the country. Freya hails from Syracuse, NY, and brings an explosive blast of New York hardcore to the forefront; their co-conspirators RIG TIME!, from La Crosse, WI are a deadly metal duo that easily bring the sound and madness of a larger group.

Freya was formed in 2001 by three members of Earth Crisis, bassist Ian Edwards, lead guitarist Eric Edwards, and vocalist Karl Buechner, and over the past 20 years, they have blazed a path through both the worldwide hardcore and metal scenes. Prominently featured on MTV’s Room Raiders, Road Rules, and the iconic Headbangers Ball as well as the Showtime series, Shameless, the Freya vault runs deep. Their latest album, the apocalyptic “Fight As One” was released earlier this year and they can’t wait to bring their blend of hardcore and thrash to fans in person.​

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