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  • Jason Hesley

French progressive-rock quartet Synapse unveiled new single "La Bikina"

Synapse is a progressive rock quartet with jazz touches. Over time, interpretation gave way to composition, and the creation of a first EP: 'IMPULSE', released in 2019. Two years later, Synapse released its first album ('SINGULARITIES', 2021) recorded at the Axone studio and produced by Pierre Danel of Kadinja. it marks a change for Synapse towards a more powerful sound and a new way of composing. Today, Synapse returns with 'Alter Echoes', an EP composed exclusively of covers re-arranged with a "prog/Synapse" twist, including songs like “I'll be There For You”, “Take On Me” or... the Mexican hit “La Bikina", avaialble right now with its official music video on YouTube. Melodies in the "epic" genre with a heavy dose of rock, and progressive passages on jazz harmonies are the perfect connection to link what Synapse likes to create and play on stage.

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