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French Metal Alternatif/Post Hardcore band Ways. share new single and music video “Why Do We Fall?”

Why Do We Fall?” is the new single by Ways. The Ways. are a French Metal Alternatif / Post Hardcore band from Paris. The band offers powerful, dynamic and melodic music close to alternative metal and post-hardcore.

The bands’ new single “Why Do We Fall?” (produced by Nicolas Exposito fromLANDMVRKS) is now available on all streaming platforms and it is accompanied by a music video directed by Anthony Lossmann.

“Why Do We Fall is the story of a person who lives in a world in ruins, who is a bystander and a victim of the hatred that surrounds him. But, despite this darkness, time gradually erases the evils and sorrows and allows him to walk towards a better future. This is the first song we've written that ends on a hopeful note." - says the band.

The band is most influenced by bands like Architects, Alexisonfire, The Ghost Inside, Thrice, Underoath and more. After opening for famous bands like Sidilarsen (FR), Full Throttle Baby (FR), Napoleon (UK), Svalbard (UK), The Prestige (FR), Bukowski (FR), Resolve (FR), many tours in Spain , an incredible tour in Cuba in May 2019 and a participation in one of the biggest metal festivals in Portugal "The Vagos Metal Fest" with Dagoba (FR) or even Jinger (Ukraine), Ways. it's still moving.

The band recently announced a new lineup with Etienne (Colossus of Destiny) on drums and Anthony (Lies We Sold) on bass. Ways. is actively working on his next CD (expected release 2023).

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