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  • Jason Hesley

French experimental death-metal project Wooden Maw unveiled brand new single "Rite Of Passage"

French musician already involved into various metal bands/projects such as Carbonic Fields, Sekhmet, Ruska or Oniromancer, Eliott Raveau launched a few months ago a new solo project called Wooden Maw with the aim to help new artists get featured on tracks, along with creating music as a catharsis. After already released a first single on the main legal platforms ("What Did You Expect?"), Eliott aka Wooden Maw just shared another - but this time collaborative - track called "Rite of Passage" and available right now on Bandcamp.

Stream the single "Rite Of Passage" on Bandcamp

....For the record.. Wooden Maw is a project founded in september, 2020 by Eliott Raveau, a metal musician from Normandy, France and already involved into several band and projects in the French scene. Initially aimed at being a canvas for practicing songwriting and mixing, the project progressively took a different shape with a whole part of it revolving around collaborating : indeed musicians are invited to take part on certain songs, which is a good way to initiate interaction between passionate people, and helps saturated vocalists who don't all have had the chance to be featured on records to have on of their performances immortalized. Right now the project is separated in to sides which both have a compilation associated to them : "Collabs" which is for songs with guests, and "Independent Songs" gathering solo tracks As for the project's musical style, although making small changes here and there to fit the guests' taste, it revolves mostly around a rythmic metal tuned low, sounding halfway between Deathcore, Djent and Grindcore. Among the different projects in which Eliott takes part, Wooden Maw is the most violent and spontaneous one Currently no shows are planned, but the idea to perform in front of an audience still is a source of motivation so never say 'never'

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